This section provides instructions on how to add and manage devices within the Widgelix IoT cloud platform.

A device can be added to the Widgelix using its corresponding device type template.

Before adding a device, its corresponding device type must be added to the Widgelix.

The device type template provides all the general settings for the device, such as basic information, uplink payload formatter and data fields, downlink payload formatter and data fields, radio and battery parameters, as well as widgets.

A device inherits from a device type, and you can configure individual devices with more specific settings such as network connectivity (network server), public address, time zone, online threshold, geolocation, and downlinks.

By correctly configuring the device type template, you can easily add new devices to Widgelix.

To add a new device or view existing devices, click on Devices in the left menu.

If no device has been created within your organization yet, the Devices - Create your first device page will be displayed.

Otherwise, the Devices page will be displayed, showing the list of previously created devices.

Adding a Device

Within the Widgelix IoT cloud platform, you can either individually add new devices using the Add Device option or import them in bulk through the Bulk Import option.

Using Add Device Option

Click on the +Add Device button.

The Add Device page will be displayed.

In the Name text box, enter the name of your device.

In the Device id (DevEUI) text box, enter the DevEUI of your device.

Device id or devEUI is a HEX string, for example, "0004A310001AB115"

Select the device type from the Device Type drop-down. The selected device type works as a template for your device.

To add geolocation information about your device, turn on the Has coordinates button switch. A new section will appear.

In the Latitude and Longitude text boxes, enter the latitude and longitude of your device, respectively.

Alternatively, you can select the geolocation from the map:

Click on the Pick From Map button.

The map opens in a modal box.

Use Ctrl + Scroll to zoom the map and click on the location where the device is physically positioned or going to be positioned.

Alternatively, you can type the full or a part of the address in the Enter address text box and choose it from the drop-down list if it appears in the list.

If the location is correct click on the Save button to add the coordinates to the device form and close the map modal box.

In the Add Device page, click on the Save button to add the device to your organization.

Your new device is now listed on the Devices page.

Configuring a Device

After adding a new device to your organization, you can further configure it.

On the Devices page, click on the name of the device from the devices list.

The device page (for example, RCNM-Atrium) will be displayed and allows you to configure various parameters and settings.

You can configure the device The page consists of the following tabs:

Deleting a Device

A device can be deleted from the organization, and cannot be undone.

To delete a device, click on the Settings tab and then click on the Delete button.

Alternatively, you can click on the respective delete (bin) icon in the device list.

The Delete device model will be displayed.

In the text box, type in the exact name of the device.

Click on the Delete button.

The device will be removed from your organization.

The Delete operation can't be undone.

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