The Dashboard tab displays all the widgets that you have added to the device type of that device. If you add widgets to a device type, all devices that inherit from that device type will receive the same widgets.

You can reconfigure the existing widgets, add new widgets to the dashboard, or remove existing widgets from the dashboard:

The changes you've made on the dashboard will be applied to all devices of the corresponding device type.

To edit the dashboard, click the Edit button to enable edit mode. Clicking the Edit button will display the + Add Widget and Save buttons next to it.

Click (or mouse over) the Settings button (cogwheel) to edit an existing widget.

A drop-down toolbar will be displayed with the following buttons.

  • Edit - To reconfigure the widget.

  • Copy/Clone - To create an identical copy of the widget that can be reconfigured.

  • Delete - To remove the widget from the dashboard.

To add a new widget, click on the + Add Widget button.

The complete instructions on how to add and configure each widget type can be found on the Widgets page.

After editing the dashboard, click on the Save button to apply the changes.

The changes will apply to all devices of the corresponding device type.

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