Log Chart

The Log Chart widget allows you to display one or more data fields on a line or bar chart, and it enables you to download the historical data as a CSV file.

In the Widget options modal, configure the following:

In the Name text box, enter a name to identify the log chart within the dashboard.

In the Data field drop-down, select the data field that you want to display on the chart. You can add more data fields to the chart by clicking on the + button. You can also apply different colors to data fields by choosing a color from the color picker associated with each.

In the Chart type drop-down, select either Line or Bar as the chart type.

To add a color to the background of the widget, click on the Background color box and choose a color from the color picker.

Click on the Save button.

The resulting Log Chart widget looks like this: Click on the Get Report button to download the historical data as a CSV file.

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