The Table widget enables you to present sensor data from devices in a table view, along with the device name and 'last seen' status (optional). Additionally, the table supports pagination.

In the Widget options modal, configure the following settings:

In the Name text box, enter a name as the label for your widget.

In the Device type drop-down list, select the device type.

In the Devices text box, select the devices that you want to add to the table. You can select multiple devices that belong to the selected device type.

From the Data fields drop-down list, choose the data field you wish to display in the table. You can select additional data fields by clicking the + button.

Turn on the Show last seen button to add the 'Last seen' column to the table.

To add a color to the background of the widget, click on the Background color box and choose a color from the color picker.

Click on the Save button.

The resulting Table widget looks something like this:

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