The Math widget allows you to apply a math function to the measured data of a data field within a specified time frame.

The Math widget is available on device types, devices, and global dashboards.

The following math functions are currently available:

  • Min - finds the minimum value of a data set.

  • Max - finds the maximum value of a data set.

  • Sum - finds the sum of a data set.

  • Average - finds the average value of a data set.

In the Widget options modal configure the following settings:

In the Name text box, enter a name as the label to identify your widget.

In the Data field drop-down, select the data field that you want to input for the math function.

In the Math type drop-down, select the math function that you want to apply.

Choose the desired timeframe using either the LastFrom text box or the Date range date/time pickers. Read the Map widget section to learn more about how to select a timeframe.

To add a color to the background of the widget, click on the Background color box and choose a color from the color picker.

Click on the Save button.

The resulting Math widget looks like this:

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